The survival time calculator allows you to enter ship data for three ship configurations, and compare the survival time against a range of weapons.
This should be considered a "metric" for comparison only, and I do not vouch for its accuracy in an actual game situation. It assumes the selected weapons are continuously firing on one stationary ship, with no countermeasures involved. Time for weapon travel and UAV swarm damage buildup is not considered.

In general, white text is designed to be typed over, black text is not. If you mess it up, just reload the page & start over.

For each ship you would like to compare, enter the total Armor Points, Evade percentage, Defense percentages, and Damage subtractions (from plate armor).

Select the type of calculation to be done in the dropdown - DPS, DPS / hton or hpower, or Survival Time

Enter the rank bonus to be used in the top as well - this is applied to all weapons.

For each weapon type, you can also enter the reload bonus and the accuracy/splash bonus above each weapon group. Each of these bonuses is additive. For example on an MCX R5 that is elite ranked and from a 'good' alliance, you would add 10% from alliance gunner bonus, and 100% from R5, and enter 110% in the reload bonus for missiles. The 25% from elite rank would go in the box near the top. For other weapon types, that MCX would have a 10% reload bonus. I use a 10% default bonus for reload. Accuracy bonuses work in a similar fashion for aimed weapons, and splash bonuses for rockets and mortars. Note that for base weapons, I have not separated explosive from aimed weapons, so you'll have to be careful interpreting the results if you use an accuracy bonus.

For each line of weapons to compare, enter the number of weapons mounted. 1 is used as a default for each weapons, so that weapon's DPS is computed.

Below the blue row, you can see the expected survival time of one ship against the entered number of weapons of that type. The best survival time of the entered configurations is highlighted in Green, the worst time is in Red.

At the bottom in the orange boxes, the total DPS, DPS/hton, and Survival Time of the summed group of weapons is shown for each ship configuration.

Survival Time Calculator

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weapon Update, Coax Turret

I've modified the statistics to be current with the weapons update that was released a month or two back.  

I also added:

  • Coax Turret
  • Impulse Launcher F & S
  • Scarab UAV

Remember - The Survival Time does not account for shockwaves on launcher weapons.  
The number of shockwaves depends on how many launchers are firing.

If you have any specific weapons you think I should include on this calculator, or other ideas for improvement, let me know on the comments.


  1. Could you please add in base weapons: Dead-Eye Executioner (enhanced warhead 2) and Executioner (enhanced war head 3) Coaxial (DU3), Gargoyle and Harpoon (DU3) (Harpoon and jav are very similar so that one isn't that important if room is an issue).
    Thank you for all you do and have done M8! I'm a much better pirate because of you.

  2. I'll try to get to it this week... Not sure how you are putting the EW ship special on Executioners.

    If you are in a rush, you can type the weapon stats on one of the lines & do it yourself.

  3. can you add the lvl of platform required for turret?

  4. I don't really understand the question - just about every weapon will fit on a Level 4 platform... it gets a little tougher when talking about armor and specials, but figuring out those options really isn't the point of this calculator.