The survival time calculator allows you to enter ship data for three ship configurations, and compare the survival time against a range of weapons.
This should be considered a "metric" for comparison only, and I do not vouch for its accuracy in an actual game situation. It assumes the selected weapons are continuously firing on one stationary ship, with no countermeasures involved. Time for weapon travel and UAV swarm damage buildup is not considered.

In general, white text is designed to be typed over, black text is not. If you mess it up, just reload the page & start over.

For each ship you would like to compare, enter the total Armor Points, Evade percentage, Defense percentages, and Damage subtractions (from plate armor).

Select the type of calculation to be done in the dropdown - DPS, DPS / hton or hpower, or Survival Time

Enter the rank bonus to be used in the top as well - this is applied to all weapons.

For each weapon type, you can also enter the reload bonus and the accuracy/splash bonus above each weapon group. Each of these bonuses is additive. For example on an MCX R5 that is elite ranked and from a 'good' alliance, you would add 10% from alliance gunner bonus, and 100% from R5, and enter 110% in the reload bonus for missiles. The 25% from elite rank would go in the box near the top. For other weapon types, that MCX would have a 10% reload bonus. I use a 10% default bonus for reload. Accuracy bonuses work in a similar fashion for aimed weapons, and splash bonuses for rockets and mortars. Note that for base weapons, I have not separated explosive from aimed weapons, so you'll have to be careful interpreting the results if you use an accuracy bonus.

For each line of weapons to compare, enter the number of weapons mounted. 1 is used as a default for each weapons, so that weapon's DPS is computed.

Below the blue row, you can see the expected survival time of one ship against the entered number of weapons of that type. The best survival time of the entered configurations is highlighted in Green, the worst time is in Red.

At the bottom in the orange boxes, the total DPS, DPS/hton, and Survival Time of the summed group of weapons is shown for each ship configuration.

Survival Time Calculator

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have made a total rework of the calculator.  

Error corrections include:
- Correct application of rank bonuses 
- Correct application of minimum damage for plate armor
- Plate armor entry changed to negative number, instead of requiring player to invert sign.
- Apply half damage for Survival Time calculation
- Corrected weapons with Salvo Delay less than 0.2 seconds.

New features include:
- Dropdown can be used to select Accuracy, DPS, DPS/hton, or Survival Time
- Added separate lines for shockwave damage of launcher-type weapons.  This allows player to consider or not consider shockwave damage as desired.
- Column added for # of weapons, and fields showing total DPS, DPS/hton, and Survival Time are added at the bottom - totals are based on those weapon numbers selected.


  1. ok i have a few questions on this and hope you can shed some light on this for me. I'm trying to understand this and hw to use it. So here is 1 question for now - let say we leave ship config 1 as is with 10k armor points and no other defense % added to it. Now, if we look at the base weapon the HALO, it has a reload time of 12 seconds and dose 900 penetrating damage and 297 explosive damage. Now to the right of that is the green and it says 7.2. From reading whats above I'm getting that is the survival time of that 1 ship. But, I dont understand how the green section works, because if the reload is 12 seconds and dose a total of 1197 damage points per 12 seconds then it should last more then just 7.2 seconds. Also you say green survival time is better then red but if i was to add 50% penetrating defense to it then the green 7.2 changes to a red 4.5. so you u help me more to understand how and what green means. Meaning what is 7.2 and what dose ir represents. Question 2. Under the base weapons I also see ship weapons. Are those weapons on your ship configurations or is that the weapons to the best of your guess on the base guards. I really am interested in learning how to understand this and how to better use it but since i dont understand what some of the numbers mean ( like the ones in green or what they represent) its hard to know what i'm doing then. Thank you for any help on this you are willing to give.

  2. The default display for the weapons is DPS/hton, or DPS/hpwr (for base weapons), so that's the 7.2 you are seeing - for each 100 power the HALO takes, it is doing 7.2 DPS. If you look towards the top, you see a blue "SHOW", and there is a dropdown selector below that. Click on that and choose Survival Time to see the survival time in seconds (188 for that default ship with 10k armor and no resist against a Halo).

    When you added that 50% pen defense, the DPS/hpwr went down.

    The Green/Red shading helps you compare three possible ship configurations (green is best, red is worst).

    The ship weapons are just selected weapons I chose that I thought represented weapons people were using (at the time), but not any specific ships. I recognize I'm a bit out of date and haven't updated my weapon lists in a while, but the cells with the weapon stats aren't protected so you can enter your own if you want to see a specific weapon.

    If you want to make a "composite survival time", you can use the "# of weapons" column to choose more or less weapons, so you can (ignoring ranges) see how long a specific ship should last against another specific ship. OF course, back to your original comment, it does sort of "average" the damage over time, so survival time doesn't account for the discrete nature of shots. So if a ship had 7 seconds survival time against a weapon with 12 second reload, what that really means is that it would die in the first salvo, since it wouldn't survive to the second.

    Hopefully that helps.

    1. Yes it did thank you. I think this is a great tool. I do a lot of testing and running numbers and % for whats best to handle what weapons and was spending way to much money trying to make educated guesses and with this i can maybe get it real close if maybe not right on the first time. Cant wait for u to up date it if u ever get the time to for it helps me a ton. I try to spred the word to at least my crew and friends about this but was hard wwhen they also didnt understand how to use it so now i have a better idea to might be able to teach others and hope to help them as well. but i have another off topic ? that i hope u can answer. This new launcher in the game is a beast. I have done some testing once again to see what defense could take more from this weapon. So i built a jugx for testing cause of its abilities to boost armor. i had 81% radioactive defense and 87% evade. when placed up against 1 enforcer with new launcher it dropped like a rock. so what specials or what armor and or defense %'s would be need to handle a weapon like that. if u can shed any input on that i would be greatfull. Once again thank you for all the help.

  3. Looking at the page and i could be wrong but the launchers say no shock wave. is there a reason its not added or is it and i not looking in right place. I also see launcher U and assuming its the new one that was just released, if so the numbers and hit % are off. Hear is what i was thinking about the launchers or the new one any how. Since it cuts ur defense of radioactive in half then maybe adjust the slot for that weapon to factor in the upper slot to reduce it by half the radioactive defense %. is it possible to add shock wave damage to the chart as well since this new wep seams to be a big deal. I am willing to help with anything you need as well for i do understand some of this and how the slots work, or formulas i guess would be better to say. I made something like this as well for a value stream at gm but still not as advance as urs for sure lol. what is Net Accuracy? What dose DPS mean and /hton and /hpwr mean? sorry i just want to make sure i get this right is all. i was thiking DPS was damage per second but no clue on the others lol. once again thank alot for the input.

  4. ok update from me lol i did look at the launchers and see the u is not the same. so looked at the formula on how u did the shockwave damage. so i did same using that math with new launcher. 950 rad dam and broke down the shockwave using how u did and dropped it from 24800 to 826,6. then i used a ship with 22886 armor points. this is just an example and numbers on ship i was using, has 52% evade and 93% rad plus if using a highlander as lead for the extra rad defense should cap the 100% but sheet wont pass the 100% and i think kix dont let u exceed that in game any how cause if u had 100% d % to that wep u should never take damage from it i would think and kix wont allow that lol. so how would i do that % in on there then. to come up with more accurate dps and survival time

  5. Correct - those U launchers are the old launchers. I separated the base weapon damage from the shockwave damage on separate lines because you don't always get the shockwaves - sometimes because you won't get enough hits in 10 seconds, and sometimes because you kill the target first. I just couldn't account for all situations, so I put the shockwave damage on a separate line.

    For the rad resist with the HLNC, you have to use what most people call "kixeye math". Resistances don't add, they affect the damage that gets through. So if you have a ship with rad resist of 60%, and then you put a HLNC in the fleet, then that doesn't mean 110% resist, it means that you resist another 50% of the 40% that would have gotten through, so your resist goes from 60% to 80%. Huggys does a good job with that for fleets.

    DPS is damage per second (which is an averaged, expected value).
    DPS/hton is DPS per hundred tons of weapon weight (so you can compare ship weapon efficiency)
    DPS/hpwr is DPS per hundred power (so you can compare turret weapon efficiency)